Babyliss Curl Secret – an Automatic Curler

Are perfect and long lasting curls possible to achieve without effort? I wondered about that for a long time, because I really love all the hair styles with curled streaks. Unfortunately, every curler I bought, gave nothing except burns. With help came an innovative curler Babyliss Curl Secret – a curler, which curls hair by itself.

curl-secret.jpgAt first, I couldn’t believe it either, that bouncy curls all over my head can be done in just few minutes. I got Babyliss Curl Secret as a Christmas present and I found out on my own, that Babyliss curler works miracles! The worst step in hair curling is twisting the streak around the curler. Babyliss Curl Secret does that for us, and all the heated elements are hidden inside the case, so you won’t burn yourself. I truly see only pluses of this automatic curler from Babyliss, but first things first!

How does Curl Secret work?

For me it is a curler that curls hair on its own and is irreplaceable. Automatic Babyliss curler is an intelligent device, which automatically drawn hair gently between two arms of the curler and into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and gently heated from all directions to form a curl. The device informs you about ready curl with a loud signal. Babyliss equipped this curler in three timer settings, which should be adjusted to the thickness and length of hair and the desirable effect (waves, curls or spirals) – 8, 10 and 12 seconds. Babyliss also equipped its curler in Ionic conditioning system, which job is to smoother hair, ease combing and prevent frizz.

Does Babyliss Curl Secret fulfil all of its properties?

I observed on my hair that after use of Curl Secret they are velvety in touch and fall naturally on shoulders. It is a big plus, because most of tested by me standard curlers caused dryness and at the end of the day hair were hard to comb out. For me Curl Secret from Babyliss has definitely only pluses. After few tries I perfected its use and at this point curling all my hair takes me about 8 minutes. Babyliss Curl Secret has four great benefits – it is easy in use, does curls on its own, depend on temperature gives different effects and – most of all – doesn’t damage hair while smoother them.