My ways of applying oil hair treatment – Do It Yourself.

I’d like to present the best way, obviously in my view, for hair nourishment – the oil hair treatment. I’m wondering whether anyone of you has ever heard about this practice, or whether have you ever applied it on your strands. I fell in love with the oil hair treatment a few months ago, and since that time, I have been treating my hair with various plant oils regularly. What’s more, I resigned from using conditioners totally, just focus on the hair oil treatment instead.

oil-hair-treatment.jpgYou are probably wondering how the treatment look like.

In fact, there are a few manners of applying the oils. The oil hair treatment – dry. Hair oil treatment applied on dry hair is the basic variation of the treatment. It depends on putting an oil on dry, not shampooed hair. Next, the oil has to be rubbed into, strand after a strand. Once the oil is applied, it is advised to give your scalp a little bit of a massage. Basically, it is enough to leave the oil a few minutes on only. Then, the hair and scalp have to be precisely shampooed. This dry version of the oil hair treatment was been applying by me for more or less a few weeks. I have to admit that my hair got visibly nourished after around a month. The oil hair treatment – wet. This variation does not differ much from the previous one except your hair has to be damp before putting on an oil. Obviously, after a few minutes the oil has to be washed off. My impressions after treating hair this way are much more positive because the strands were more moisturized and delicate. The oil hair treatment – conditioner and mist. After the wet version of the oil hair treatment, I moved on to another variation which is treating hair with a mist and then with a conditioner. Both variations are almost alike yet the only thing that differentiate them is the cosmetic which an oil is combined with. When it comes to mist version of oil hair treatment, we have to make hair damp with mist, not with water. I was using aloe mist. The same has to be done with a conditioner. Due to combination of plant oil and nourishing substances of either a mist or conditioner, hair becomes greatly moisturized. As far as I’m concerned, the most common manner of application is the combination of two techniques: wet and conditioner. The oil hair treatment – bowl. This version of the oil hair treatment is too time-consuming for me, which makes it the least favourite one. I’ve done it literally just a few times, not more. However, it depends on pouring warm water into a bowl and mixing it with 2 spoons of a particular oil. Then, you have to put the hair inside. When the hair gets damped, it has to be wrap with a towel. The issue is that we have to wear the towel for at least an hour to enable the oil gets absorbed fully. Obviously, the period of time depends on the length of the hair, which in my case makes a single session lasted around two hours. Only when the hair gets dry, we can shampoo it.