Laboratorium Pilomax – Will WAX Express conditioner work?

laboratorium-pilomax.jpgI systematically fight for restoration of gloss and softness to my hair. Unfortunately, level of damage caused by at home straightening made this fight extremely difficult. I tested many products, but non of them brought expected improvement for a longer period of time. Each visit at hairdresser’s ended up with same reproval and insisting on cutting hair on their length.

I will never agree on this, so I started testing another cosmetic novelty – WAX Express conditioner from Laboratorium Pilomax.


Conditioners WAX Express are being sold in classical white tubes. I chose the one with raspberry theme, i.e. conditioner for damaged, normal and thick hair. Version for fine hair doesn’t suit me because, despite of damage, my hair are quite thick. Packaging fits in hand and isn’t slippery, for example during the shower. You can take as much of cosmetic as you need. The tube itself is a practical solution, because when you almost finish the tube, you can just cut it and use all the remaining cosmetic (at least, I always do that, because I don’t like wasting good conditioners).


WAX Express has perfect texture – is thick enough to hold on hair, but at the same time doesn’t cause problems during application and easily covers hair. In spite of its thickness, conditioner for damaged and thick hair rinses easily. Composition of this full-bodied mask has powder-vegetable scent. It is aroma, which is difficult to assess, but I personally like it, though I know it is a matter of taste.


Hair conditioner from Laboratorium Pilomax worked pretty good on my hair, though it is far from perfect. I observed first effects after two weeks of use, which is quite late if you take into consideration that it is WAX Express conditioner (so it should have express properties). It is of course, not that bad because when you want to regenerate hair, you have to be ready that effects will be visible after regular use. Hair mask makes hair glossy and soft, and strands are smoother and do not frizz, however with the cost of weighting down. In general, hair after treatment with WAX Express are nourished and their condition visibly improved. Nonetheless, I expected much better and most of all more lasting results, and that was my great disappointment. It is possible that the cause for this can be level of damage of my hair, but after all WAX Express was dedicated for hair like mine. My general evaluation is 8/10.